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osburn idbennyman    Danville, California
Hi there, this is my first time I've ever joined a dating site, I've been single for too long, the years are flying by and I'm not getting any younger lol, I'm very outgoing, I've been told I can be q
i want to be successfulareyououtthere    Chesapeake, Virginia
Really a face to face person
how to stop nervousnessbettyloves    Fresno, California
Hi. I am currently attending university here in Ottawa. Academically, I would have to say that Criminology and Psychology are my main focus. However, physics, mathethics, chemistry
the break uoshepherd3333    Dover, Delaware
I'm newly single really just looking for someone to talk to and have a conversation with. I love to laugh and enjoy my life. I'm all about good vibes and enjoying the things around you.

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